AccountReporter™ Representative Edition


Easily Create Reports With the Data You Need in the Format You Want

AccountReporter™ empowers sales managers with valuable information from the AccountManager™ and SalesAnalysis™. With AccountReporter, you can easily query the information you need, then generate reports directly in Microsoft® Excel. Opportunity reports, quote reports, sales reports, activity reports and more can be generated by the AccountReporter. If the built-in reports do not meet your needs, custom exports are easy to create using the configurable export wizard. Simply fill out a template to create your own report.

  • Ease Principal Reporting
  • Opportunity Reports
  • Quote Reports
  • Sample Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Activity Reports
  • Contact Reports
  • Custom Reports

AccountManager 365 Now puts CRM in your Outlook inbox

Make updates to opportunities, action items, contacts, accounts and more right from your Outlook 365 inbox.