The Empowering Systems AccountManager
empowers global selling teams with powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools for managing today's complex customers. It enables account teams to collaborate on sales opportunities, generate quotations and share information about competitors. Salespeople can manage account information, contacts, activities and more. Customer Service has access to the information they need to offer outstanding customer support. PartnerConnect connects AccountManager to your principals' CRM, making managing and updating multiple disparate CRM systems a thing of the past. PartnerAccess extends the reach of AccountManager for manufacturers out to your representatives, you can collaborate on sales opportunities, design wins, credit splits and quotations with your sales channel in real time.
Industry Specialized

AccountManager is designed specifically for sales organizations in the manufacturing industry with editions for manufacturers and manufacturers' representative. The solution takes into account the complex matrix of customers and dynamic relationships in your supply chain. OEMs, End Customers, Distributors, Contract Manufacturers, Principal Manufacturers, Manufacturers Representatives and System Integrators can all be managed and organized in the AccountManager. Opportunities, quotations, samples, design wins and NEDA compliant registrations can all be managed from this one fully integrated system. Sales Analysis tools, smartphone support and reporting make the AccountManager the leading sales automation solution available for manufacturers and representatives.

Rapid Deployment

Once the decision is made to implement the AccountManager, you don't have to wait weeks or months for consulting, customization or programming prior to implementation. With the AccountManager implementation is quick and easy. Our experienced implementation team has years of manufacturing experience and will bring fresh and innovative ideas to your organization. Users are up and running faster and you will quickly see a return on your investment.

Cost Effective

AccountManager is extremely cost effective. Empowering Systems has eliminated the need to invest in customizing a solution or in building a solution from the ground up. Because the solution is designed for your industry, training costs are lower, support costs are lower and customization costs are lower. Our solution is turn key and available as a cloud based software as a service giving you all of the benefits of the AccountManager for a low monthly fee and very low start-up cost.

Easy to Use

What customers like most about AccountManager is that it's so easy to use, unlike some other more complicated solutions that try to fit everyone's needs. AccountManager uses the terminology your sales people know, so they feel comfortable with it right away. Ease of use means more time is spent on selling and servicing customers instead of on paperwork and reporting.